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Hello, Sunberry here! It's been two weeks since I uploaded Demo Version 1.0, and while I finish my assignments from uni, I thought I'd introduce the main four from Luck and Key. I've been writing down improvement notes to tackle for Version 1.1, but I would gladly appreciate any feedback! See something else that doesn't work (refer to my last devlog's bug list for current anomalies)? Maybe my writing is a little rushed? Please let me know! :)

I originally thought it would be good to keep the characters shrouded in mystery as I develop the gamebut that won't help if you haven't played the demo. Plus, character introductions are important and fun! So far, the art assets I've made are placeholders. I like how they looked and showcased my consistent style, but I can definitely do better.

Here are my initial scans before I digitized them!

I was running short on time when I developed my sprites, so I don't have several sketches like you would expect in a proper character design session. Soon though. I want different poses for every expression, so I'll be working on sketching them in different POVs and angles.

Without further ado, here are the main four!


Ridge is based off of several of my favourite characters. As I mentioned in my first devlog, I wanted a protagonist who's a bit of a recluse, but not your typical dysfunctional shut-in. His hobbies include solving puzzles and building models, playing board games and embroidery. When I was looking for names, I immediately liked the sound of Ridge. There's nothing too special about it, but if you look at it metaphorically, it's like he's meant to overcome whatever obstacle is thrown at him. Ridge: a chain of hills and mountains, a narrow hilltop or mountain range. It's perfect!

Ridge doesn't like company all that much. This fact will become extremely crucial later on (lorewise anyway :D) Despite this, he's not incapable of socializing - he simply doesn't prefer it. Often times, he fails at keeping conversations because he doesn't know what to say to the other party. To strangers, this may come off as incredibly rude, and his appearance adds to the stigma that he is a scary individual. Nevertheless, he's truly good-natured, and he understands his own shortcomings.


The loyal knight, amicable friend and sidekick. Zale is Ulrich's personal advisor, older-brother figure and childhood friend. He was born in Valleste Territory, a nearby ally of Parzden, and he's extremely good at fighting with a rapier. He's industrious, sweet and physically strong, but his sense of humour is of another generation. Zale's job is to mentor Ridge - he makes sure he gets to classes on time, he guards him whenever they leave the Manor, and he often helps the servants with cooking and cleaning. Because of his extroverted personality. he can be a little too blunt and fanatical... not to mention he is clingy and gets jealous really easily.

Artwise, his pose is sort of awkward. I'm happy with his colour scheme, but I have to change that seriously weird stance. I wanted him to have long hair and freckles as key features of his design. He wears an important Vallestin charm in his left ear.


Cleo is Ridge's second cousin from his mother's side. He is heir to the Earl and Countess of Salicem Territory, a desert region southeast of Blenco Territory. You could say he is overly confident because of his noble upbringing, which he justifies through his musical and magical talent. Like Zale, Cleo is competitive and goal-driven. He doesn't believe in bragging about one's achievements. 

Appearance wise, he is pretty. He's stylish and very proud of his Salicean bloodline. Both Cleo and Salicem hold significant motifs from Egypt, like the ankh, the golden colour scheme and fancy jewellery. Cleo and Ridge get along rather well, with Cleo respecting his cousin's boundaries and offering to challenge him in puzzles and board games. In return, Ridge finds him beautiful fabrics and clothes from Parzdenian markets or buys him delicious desserts.

Last of the four, my favourite gal Safiya. For a spirit, she's a massive dork. She's incredibly superstitious and adventurous; often on the lookout for Sylphs like herself. Safiya can float in midair, and though her Ice Magia is superb, it can be a lot better. She's Ridge's go-to person for the rare times he needs to talk about something.

In terms of personality, I wanted Safiya to have spunk and charm. While Zale offers protection and Cleo offers wisdom, Safiya offers Ridge the emotional support he needs. Her experience with Magia, one of Ridge's weaknesses, reassures and inspires him to be better. And what better way is there to prank people than to pop up out of nowhere and give them a good scare? Safiya likes having fun, is able to listen and help those who need her and is surrounded by people who will remember her and help her find her kind in return.

Question: Will there be more characters in Luck and Key?

Besides the main four, there will be Ridge's parents, the Luchesse servants and Ridge's very important grandmother. However, the main four will be my current focus in terms of this game. I've got so much planned, including expanding their backstories and mapping out Blenco Kingdom's several territories.

What do you think? Artwise and lorewise, do you have any queries or comments? Let me know down below! :)

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