March 25 Progress Report

Hello world! It's the third week of NaNoReNo already! One more to go before the ultimate deadline, oh boy! It's a trial and error process at this stage of my project. It looks like I'll be leaving art design as a last result!



List your associated role for this week:

Sunberry: Working prototype, sprite and background design

What tasks have been completed for this week? What tasks were incomplete and the reason for incompletion?

COMPLETE: For the third week of NaNoReNo, Sunberry has completed most of the UI customizations (save for the settings page) and finished playtesting the demo's first scene. So far, a choice branch has been implemented, and the message box is up to standards. 

INCOMPLETE: This week’s schedule details the completion of sprite and background design. However, Sunberry has spent most of the week implementing the main frame for the demo on Visual Novel Maker. With common events already set up, plugging in the art and remaining story will be done for the last week.

What playtesting has occurred as part of the process? What are the outcomes of playtesting?

Most of the UI customizations are functional, however there are already a few bugs that need to be dealt with. A common event script in the Action UI, "Space to Hide" hides the message box with a spacebar, but it also unintentionally hides the default message caret once in-game. There is a Hide button for the message box that does the same function, however it only works once. Using the hotspot to implement hovering sound effects work, but also run through only once. Quick Save and Quick Load have not yet been implemented. 

There is a slow delay when loading a saved game, the music repeating from when a player has saved. A buggy Skip and Auto feature have also been observed. The playthrough of the first scene so far when timed is around 8mins.

How do these outcomes impact the schedule for game development?

Now that a prototype has been developed, substituting sprites and plugging in the second and third scenes will be swift. Unfortunately, with the deadline coming fast, these few bugs will have to remain for the first demo until Sunberry can fix them.

What (if any) has been changed about the game design and development concept/pitch?

For Luck and Key's first demo, Sunberry will be using the default backgrounds until she can substitute them for a future version.

 What will be your task/s for next week and the resources you will use for playtesting?

Sunberry will be finishing off her sprites and last two scenes next week, as well as building the game for upload.

General comments on project progress:

The demo shall be completed, albeit with a few bumps here and there!


My progress report will be short for this week in preparation for the end of March. I hope you'll check out Luck and Key once it's out! I will be writing a more detailed progress report for next week, as well as future visions after the first demo release.

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